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Harvestfield Church is served by a dedicated team of ministerial staff and overseen by a plurality of elders who have been called by God to shepherd the flock with loving and authoritative leadership.

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    eric reaves

    elder and staff pastor

    Eric and his wife, Angie, were married in May 1992 and have two sons, Matthew and Mason.

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    hunter carnes


    Hunter and his wife, Kelli, were married in July 1997 and have two daughters, Courtney and Casey.

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    brian haskins


    Brian and his wife, Rachael, were married in November 2007 and have two sons, Knox and Carson, and a daughter, Elsie.

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    jeff molock


    Jeff and his wife, Melissa, were married in March 2000 and have a daughter, Mattison, and a son, Elijah.

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    jon gilliland

    family discipleship and home groups minister

    Jon and his wife, Amanda, were married in April 2011 and have two daughters, Ellie and Maggie, and a son, Riley.

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    tracie keenan

    children's minister

    Tracie and her husband, Chuck, were married in February 1998 and have three sons, Parker, Jonah, and Ben.

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    luke jenkins

    student minister

    Luke and his wife, Halely, were married in December 2014 and have three daughters, Zonie, Zenia, and Zylie.

  • baptist church in attalla alabama

    mary whorton

    staff ministry coordinator

    Mary and her husband, Cam, were married in July 1970.

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    kelli carnes

    office manager and financial secretary

    Kelli and her husband, Hunter, were married in July 1997 and have two daughters, Courtney and Casey.

need encouragement?

Our elders and ministerial staff are available to help individuals apply gospel-centered answers to a wide range of personal and relational challenges. We are not licensed counselors, but we can direct you toward professional counseling opportunities as your situation requires.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Pastor Eric, the elder body, or any of our ministerial staff, please feel free to reach out.

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