secure online giving

Worshiping God through cheerful, generous giving is a normal part of the Christian life. We give not out of moral obligation or religious duty but out of our personal response to the gospel. The goal of giving is not to get something from God in return but to lay down our treasures for the King who laid down His life for us, making our money behave for the glory of God and the mission of the gospel.

Members of Harvestfield Church Rainbow City are expected to seek the Holy Spirit's leadership concerning their giving motives and amounts.

Your gifts are tax-deductible and will be utilized to advance the gospel in Rainbow City, Etowah County, and around the world. If you would like a copy of our annual budget or have questions about how we use your gifts, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our secure online giving platform is the easiest way to give.

other giving options

Don't want to give online? There are a few other ways you can worship through giving at Harvestfield Church.

Drop your offering in the secure lockbox at the giving station located at the middle entrance of the Worship Center. Offering envelopes are provided. Please make checks payable to Harvestfield Church, noting on the memo line the fund to which you'd like to designate your gift.