commit to the body at harvestfield church

becoming a member of hfc

Becoming a member of a local church body is a serious commitment that calls for prayerful consideration. Joining a church is not like signing up for a club that simply expects its members to pay their dues and to stop by once in a while. Joining a church is more like becoming part of a family in which each member provides encouragement and support to the other members while being held to a higher degree of responsibility, service, and sacrifice than those who might simply drop by for a visit. That being said, HFC members are expected to engage actively in the life of the body, serve faithfully in support of the church’s mission, give worshipfully in response to the grace of God, and submit humbly to the leadership and accountability of the elders as well as to the ultimate headship of Christ.

Thinking about membership at HFC? We’ve developed a simple process to help you discern whether the Lord might be calling you to commit to pursuing discipleship, fellowship, and sound doctrine alongside Harvestfield Church.

read the new connections packet

Our New Connections packet is designed to give you a detailed overview of how our church functions and what it’s like to be a functional member of the body here at HFC. You can read through it online or pick up a printed copy in The Blend or the Worship Center.

attend a membership class

At our Membership Class, you’ll have an opportunity to sit around a table with some of our elders and staff members to learn more about the DNA of our church and ask questions about all things related to HFC. You’re welcome to attend a Membership Class for informational purposes only; simply attending does not obligate you to commit to membership. Membership Classes are offered regularly throughout the year. Childcare is provided. Register online or contact the church office to sign up.

complete the membership homework

As part of the Membership Class, you’ll be given some homework that will help you launch into involvement at HFC and also articulate your understanding of the gospel and the story of your personal response to Christ. You can complete the homework online or on paper (as part of the New Connections packet) either before or after attending a Membership Class.

speak with an elder

After turning in your membership homework, one of our elders will reach out to you to set up a brief meeting or phone call in order to discuss the homework, answer any questions you may have, and affirm your desire to become a member of Harvestfield Church.

salvation & baptism

Harvestfield Church welcomes into membership all individuals who have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and have been baptized by immersion in water. If you’d like to have a conversation about the gospel, salvation, or baptism, we’d love to speak with you!