prayer requests

bearing one another’s burdens

prayer changes us

Our God is sovereign and unchanging, and yet He beckons us to bring our burdens to Him in prayer. Why? Because prayer is meant to lead our hearts into a posture of surrender and obedient submission to His will. A right understanding of prayer helps us view our circumstances through the lens of God’s providential care for His people and strengthens us to trust Him with our needs and to patiently endure all things for His glory. How can we pray for you today?

member care

If you’re a member of Harvestfield Church who has an emergent need that calls for further spiritual support or physical assistance, we encourage you to contact your deacon directly or reach out to the HFC office to let us know about your need.

If you’re not a member of HFC, please contact the Etowah Baptist Missions Center to request assistance with food, clothing, utility bills, and other physical/financial needs.