home groups

moving from rows to circles

what are home groups?

The early church scattered into their communities and met in their homes. These gatherings were centered around the transforming power of the gospel and the ongoing work of discipleship. The New Testament is filled with references to the early church meeting in homes, and we believe modern churches should follow this pattern. (Acts 5:4216:4018:26Romans 16:5Philemon 2)

Harvestfield Church scatters into homes throughout the week to grow in deep community with one another. Each Home Group consists of 5-8+ people and functions with four main objectives in mind:

Home Groups connect people with other believers. As individuals and families move from the Large Group service to a living room sofa and begin doing life in community with their Home Group, superficial acquaintances become gospel-centered friendships.

Home Groups disciple group members toward spiritual maturity. Whether it’s discussing Sunday’s sermon, studying a book of the Bible, or talking through topical resources rooted in sound doctrine, each Home Group has a plan for pursuing biblical depth.

Home Groups serve others in the name of Jesus. Besides caring for the needs of individual group members, each Home Group also looks outward to identify needs in the surrounding community and engage the lost in evangelistic ministry.

Home Groups send group members out to start a new Home Group every 1-2 years. As groups grow numerically and group members mature spiritually, missional multiplication should occur as a result of the Spirit’s work to call and equip disciples to make more disciples.

join a home group

Looking for a Home Group? Browse our list of active groups, and click to view details and sign up. Don’t see a group that fits your schedule? Consider starting a Home Group!

pam gray

sundays @ 12:00pm in ashville

david & erin deck

sundays @ 12:30pm in gadsden (35901)

brian & rachel haskins

sundays @ 12:30pm in gadsden (35901)

keith & gidget reid

sundays @ 12:30pm in gadsden (35904)

jon & amanda gilliland

sundays @ 12:30pm in rainbow city

spencer & danielle stevens

sundays @ 5:00pm in gadsden (35901)

jim & dana deale

sundays @ 5:00pm in rainbow city

luke & halely jenkins

sundays @ 5:00pm in southside

jeff & connie gray

sundays @ 5:30pm in gadsden (35904)

thomas & christy alexander

sundays @ 5:30pm in glencoe

jerome & cathy thomas

saturdays @ 6:00pm in rainbow city

christiane michel

tuesdays @ 6:00pm in southside

home group launch

(More information on Home Group Launch coming soon.)

start a home group

Interested in being a Home Group Leader? Home Groups are a really big deal at HFC, but that doesn’t mean you need a seminary degree or even tons of Bible knowledge to lead a group. Are you saved? Are you a member of Harvestfield Church? Do you want to reach your neighbors with the hope of the gospel? Can you read? If you answered yes to all four of these questions, you’re ready to be a Home Group Leader!

We’re eager to come alongside you to equip you with all the coaching, resources, and training you’ll need to successfully launch a Home Group that prioritizes connecting, discipling, serving, and sending.

multiply your home group

We’ve developed a curriculum designed to equip existing Home Groups with a workable strategy for relational evangelism, which we refer to as PIES (Pray, Identify, Engage, Share). The curriculum is a six-week study called myNeighbor, and we encourage all of our Home Group Leaders to utilize this study in their group meetings once every year or two in order to shepherd their Home Groups toward missional multiplication.


Ask God to burden your heart both for lost people who don’t know Jesus and fellow believers who aren’t being discipled in community with other Christ-followers. Ask Him to help you see specific people within your geographical/relational circles who need to know Christ or grow in Him.


Cultivate responsibility for specific people within your concentric circles of concern. Create a map of your geographical/relational connections. Continue praying for the people on your map, and consider how you and your family can serve them and point them to Christ.


Begin building relationships with the people you’ve mapped. Get to know them, serve them, and pursue genuine friendships with them. Create opportunities to establish yourself, your family, and your home as a tangible gospel presence in their lives. Invite them into your Home Group!


Learn how to articulate the gospel along with the story of your personal response to Christ. Plan to share your gospel story during the Home Group meeting. Expect your Home Group to multiply as the Spirit works in the hearts of newcomers through each group member’s gospel story.