The Four Big Things

The basic structure of life at hfc

Large Group

We gather on Sundays at 10:30 am for worship in Large Group.  We sing together and the Bible is taught.  Each Sunday can look different, but we always do these two things.  We believe the Bible teaches that New Testament Christians met together regularly for worship, therefore it's also one of our core values.

Have kids?  Find out what they do:

Home Groups

Like corporate gatherings, we believe that truly struggling through the Gospel together with a small group of people is a vital part of Christian life.  This is the foundation of HFC.  As we study the early church, it is clear that Christians met in their homes in order to better connect and disciple each other.  This is not a special program or activity, we believe that this is just what it means to be The Church.

What is a Home Group?

They can all look a little different depending on where the Lord leads, but they commonly are made up of 3-6 families that meet in someone's home on a regular basis to share their lives and spend time studying the Bible.  This can be groups with kids, retired couples, single women, young adults, etc.  While corporate gatherings are critical, we believe that truly struggling through the Gospel together with a small group of people is the MOST important part of Christian life.

So what do you do in a Home Group?

In a sense, you "do life together".  Again, it is different for each group and there is no "recipe" that has to be followed, but at a minimum, it should include regular time spent studying the Bible and getting to know each other better in the context of learning more about what it means to be a Christian.

How do I get into a Home Group?

The easiest way is to connect to a Home Group is by attending one where you already have a relationship.  You can also fill out the connection card at the bottom of Sunday's worship guide and check the "Home Groups" box or email Pastor Eric Reaves ( or call the church office.  You can also grab any staff member, elder or Home Group leader on a Sunday morning and we will help get you plugged in.

Kingdom Journeys

Kingdom Journeys is a term we use for mobilizing the church to take the Gospel across the street and around the world.  You may have heard it referred to as "missions".  We have partners here in Etowah County and in other countries who help us in this endeavor.

Church Planting

Part of the natural growth of a church is God moving people to go and start new churches to reach communities where He is working and our only desire is to be where He is working.  That may mean we send people as they are called or partner with already existing church planting efforts.  This may be in far off places, or across town in Etowah County. 

What next?

So, you've read through this long!  That means a lot to us.  Now that you kind of have idea of how Harvestfield is structured and the kinds of things that we do, we'd like the opportunity to tell you a little bit about what we believe it means to be a Christian.  Please click here.