About HFC

Authentic Relationships... Authentic Gospel

HFC is an elder led church that exists to win souls and make disciples in the context of authentic community expressed through home groups and corporate worship.

So what does that mean?  Pretty much, if you read through Acts in the Bible, we learn about the development of the first Christian churches.  What we see is that they met regularly as large groups, but they also built unique connections in their homes where they lived.  The church grew out of these personal connections in their communities.  

The Gospel is hard work!

We model the early church today by focusing on truly building relationships that allow us to "do life" together.  Because living out the Gospel is hard work, having close relationships with a hand full of people and being part of a larger collective group is a must!

The Four Big Things

We try to keep things simple and allow us as a body to move where God is working.  Out of that, we have a basic foundational structure just to help keep us oriented.  That structure comes through four main concepts:

Large Group, Home Groups, Kingdom Journeys, and Church Planting.  To learn more about them, click here.

Quick links

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